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Commercial Flooring

Pocklington Carpets have a long history of supplying contract flooring from large Hotel contracts in the UK and Europe to small independant businesses.

Our client list extends schools, offices, shops, pubs, factories, restaurants, hotels, golf clubs, trusts and more. Some examples are The Queens Hotel in Leeds, The Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, The Marine Hotel in Troon and The Midland Hotel in Manchester to name only a few.

We have help on hand for our customers with senior contract staff who specialise in the commercial sector. Contact one of our branches or send an email enquiry and ask for a flooring solution to suit your requirement and budget.


Not sure of the potential costs, how do I set a cost budget?
Firstly think about the usage, all floorings wear and loose appearance over a period of time. Consider the amount of potential traffic and how important the look of the finished floor is. The old cliché states you only get what you pay for and to a great extent this is still true. Start by working out the floor area and then add 10% to give an approximate material requirement in square meters. Most commercial floor-coverings fall in a price band of £12.00 to £45.00 plus VAT, multiply the material amount by cost to work out a lowest and highest figure. Add additional amounts to cover uplift, disposal, floor repairs, moving furniture or out of hours work. Look at our basket of products and contact Pocklington Carpets if you need a firm quote.
How do we decide if a product is suitable?
Most manufactures will label samples for suitability, so carefully read the labels. When you contact Pocklington Carpet tell us as much as you can about situation the flooring is to be installed in, the potential foot flow and what you expect from floor-covering. We can then suggest options to fit the requirements. Also consider any special requirements, e g computers and static.
What is sub floor preparation?
With all floor-coverings the condition of the sub floor is an important issue. Uneven or damp floors will damage floor-coverings so it is important before laying a new floor to make sure the sub floor is as good as possible. Sub floor preparation may be required to smooth out minor imperfections before the laying of a new floor. Wood floors are usually overlaid with 6mm plywood and concrete floors treated with a levelling screed. The cost for this work will be charged extra to the material and installation. Major imperfections or damp floors generally require treatment by a specialist and may require a builder to survey.
What about uplifting the existing flooring?
In general a small charge will be made for uplifting loose flooring. If the existing flooring is bonded or stuck down it will need to be taken up. It is impossible to quantify how long it will take to remove a bonded floor or if a barrier will have to be used before laying a new floor covering. In this case Pocklington Carpets will give an estimate of the potential cost, the final price will depend on how the uplift goes, we will keep you the customer fully informed at all times.
What about the waste materials?
Small amounts of waste are bagged up by the fitters and left on site for client disposal. Large jobs creating a lot of waste will require a site skip and this will need to be arranged prior to the fitting date. Skip charges vary, normally the client arranges skip delivery and collection direct with a local hire company.
Our busy office is so full, what about moving furniture?
Small portable items like desks and chairs can be moved within the room on the day of fitting. Shelves, storage furniture, office equipment and computers are best removed by the client prior to fitting date and then replaced afterwards. You may need to ask your IT supplier for advice on this and include any charges in your budget. Every installation is different, but our fitters are experienced in working with clients and will be as flexible as possible.
Can the installation work be carried out of trading hours, maybe at the weekend?
Yes, we can usually arrange this. A lot depends on the type and size of installation. Please take into consideration the time factor, out of hours work needs to be booked well in advance so allow a longer lead time.
Does the final price include VAT?
As most commercial customers are VAT registered, square metre prices are ex VAT. The final quote will also be calculated excluding VAT and this would be clearly stated on any written quote.
Do Pocklington Carpets carry out repairs on existing carpeting?
Yes we can. See our gallery below for examples of some of our repairs that will give extra lifespan to your carpets and ensure health and safety against trips over split seams. Contact us for a guide on pricing.

Top Tips



Point wear and abrasion from work chairs with castors wear floor coverings very quickly. Consider extra protection with key-hole mats or order extra tiles if using carpet tiles.



Pick a sensible colour, light shades and plain carpets show wear and marks quicker that mid tones and small patterns.



Include a set-in replaceable dirt barrier at the main doors to protect your new floor.



Always keep a section of waste carpet; you never know when accidents might happen.

Get in touch

As each installation generally has different requirements, we will need some information from you.

It would be helpful if you had approximate sizes, an indication of type of use, an idea of the budget and details of any restrictions which would effect the proposed installation.

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