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About us


Pocklington Carpets started trading in September 1984 from a rented warehouse in New Street, Pocklington, East Yorkshire.

In 1985 the decision was taken to purchase a permanent site at 8-10 Union Street, Pocklington. The purchase of our own property reduced overheads and created a stable base, this became the pattern for our expansion. As turnover increased so did buying power and with low overheads we could operate very tight on margins. Our policy of supplying top end, quality named branded products at competitive prices quickly paid off.

After 35 years the formula remains the same, only now many new products are available. Wood, Clic laminate flooring and natural textures are now all part of the standard product range with new innovative ranges being added all the time, including recycled carpets and underlays. Low prices, top quality products and high standards of service should ensure Pocklington Carpets will be in front of the competition for the next 30 years.

Our steady growth has been through hard work from all of our staff over the years and to the loyal customer base that we still see today.

With 8 stores there should be one near you. Pocklington, Driffield, Norton-Malton, Beverley, Selby, Pickering, Haxby-York and Tadcaster Road-York.



September 28, 1984

Pocklington Carpets started trading in September 1984 from a rented warehouse in New Street, Pocklington. This was and old building nearly opposite the end of Burnby Lane. Now demolished and housing.


September 28, 1985

Our first Showroom was purchased Oddfellows Hall at 8-10 Union Street, Pocklington. This building had been used as a printers, a joiners shop and various other uses and we believe it was originally built by the Oddfellows of Manchester although we have no paperwork to substantiate this. Also 5a Union Street, Pocklington was acquired for additional storage and a “bed barn” created on the first floor for


September 28, 1987

A 12,000 sq ft property was purchased in George Street, Driffield. The large retail showroom was refurbished, a central distribution warehouse created and the administration and head office moved to the Driffield site. This was an old chapel at one stage. When we purchased it the previous owners were selling gardening equipment and lawn mowers.Not sure what it was exactly. Any help here would be appreciated.


September 28, 1988

A fully equipped curtain and soft furnishing workshop was added at Driffield, all soft furnishing making was now done in house.


September 28, 1989

Third branch added as a 8,000 sq ft property was purchased at Commercial Street, Norton, Malton. This property used to be a car garage and was a great size for displaying carpets and beds.


September 28, 1990

A full reorganisation of the systems and administration undertaken. Our first computer was acquired to run the expanding accounts. The restructure was needed as further branches were to be added. This was a DOS based computer that looked like something off Apollo 13. Now we have virtual desktops at each store and all accounting and invoicing is in real time.


September 28, 1992

Fourth branch added as Beverley retail showroom was purchased. A really nice old style building just outside North Bar. This was a Garage before we purchased it.


March 1, 1995

Fifth branch opened at Selby on the 1st March 1995. Again this was a garage before we purchased. A ford dealership Mackays of Selby. Right on the main junction of the A19 and A63 at the end of Selby Town centre.


September 28, 1998

Laminate flooring added to our portfolio of products. Central warehouse created for the storing and distribution from pallet held stock.


September 28, 1999

Pocklington Carpets incorporated, becomes Pocklington Carpets Limited. A panic for everyone at the end of 1999 when no one really knew how computers would cope with the new millennium. Cost us all a fortune getting them all pre checked.


September 28, 2000

Sixth branch opened with the purchase of an existing showroom in Haxby, York. This was the Denis York Rug and flooring shop before we purchased it.


September 28, 2002

Branch seven opened at Pickering, North Yorkshire. This used to be the old bus station in Pickering. A very large building that has a mezzanine level for all our beds. Previously it was a fireplace shop.


September 28, 2006

With no government based training locally we saw the need to train local staff customer service skills internally. We started an training program for trainee carpet fitters so we can maintain our standards for the future.

2007 – April

April 28, 2007

April brought a new computer system linking all the stores and head office so our customer database and interbranch communication is vastly improved for better efficiency and service. It was obvious to us that communication and integration of real time systems was the way forward for us. Now we order online and can share information so much quicker with staff and customers.

2007 – August

August 28, 2007

August New branch in Tadcaster Road York purchased. Planning and building works will be completed by the end of the year with proposed opening in January 2008. This building was the Co Op before we purchased it.


September 28, 2009

Website updated to an easier cleaner format showing all the products we sell and a new contact form for customers wanting to contact individual branches by e-mail.


September 28, 2010

December 1st. Demolished entire building at Norton, Malton and started from Ground level to re-build a purpose built carpet showroom with five residential self contained flats above. Worked with the local council and residents to create a building in keeping with the area and showed a commitment to our customers in that area.


September 28, 2011

September Re-opened Norton/Malton Branch as our newest showroom with all new ranges of Carpets, Vinyls, Beds and Curtains on offer. Local residents all commented on how much nicer it made that part of Norton look.

2012 – January

September 28, 2012

January Pickering store closed for one month to re roof the entire shop area. We took the opportunity to put new displays and flooring to freshen the look. It looks great and feels lots warmer with the insulated roof.

2012 – November

November 28, 2012

October November. A five week period of re-furbishment at Driffield store included re-roofing the full front showroom, inserting new energy saving windows and a new door at the front that allows easier access with automatic doors.


September 1, 2014

September 1st saw the beginning of demolition at 5a Union Street. This was our carpet stores, remnants and bed barn retail area. It will eventually be converted into a new showroom with purpose built stores and two 2 bedroom flats above the shop.  


August 1, 2015

 5 Union Street Re-opened 11 months from the start date in August 2015. A very modern showroom.


September 28, 2016

A total re-brand of our marketing collateral including a brand new responsive website designed by Andrew Jones was launched to bring Pocklington Carpets to a new audience.


May 1, 2018

With a lot of retirements coming up we started promoting junior staff and managers. A recruitment drive started to carry on with our in house training of new staff. We have had great success doing this over the years and feel that our staff are very knowledgeable and offer honest advice.


September 4, 2019

The year of Brexit. The UK to leave the group of European countries and become independent has been a political trauma. Good or bad? We won’t know the effects for a long time. It has been a treading water year to see what will happen and how it will affect everything we all do.

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