Corona Virus Update – From Jan 27th 2022

Jan 27, 2022 | News

Corona Virus Update – From Jan 27th 2022

It is no longer a legal requirement for customers or staff to wear masks. We would recommend that you do whatever is comfortable for you but please respect any other person that chooses to either wear a mask or not wear a mask.

Our staff may or may not wear masks in store. The staff will wear one if you feel more comfortable dealing with them with a mask on.

Hand sanitiser will still be available in stores. It is a recommendation to use this as it may help reduce the transfer of infection if you are touching goods in our store.

Measuring appointments – We will wear a mask if that is your preference when visiting your property. Some of our staff may still wear a mask. Please respect this.

Some people have very strong opinions on what everyone should or should not do. We just want to ensure every customer from the 27th January has the option to ask us to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable and others to respect this.

Best Wishes to everyone

The Pocklington Carpets Team


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